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Comium provides Free Iftar Meals throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan:

In recognition of the Holy month of Ramadan, Comium Gambia, for the third year running, provided FREE Iftar meals on a major highway and intersection (West Filed). Throughout the Holy month of Ramadan, Comium plans to serve more than 5,000 meals within the Greater Banjul Area and Up Country segment market.

Passers-by and motorist were handed an array of food ranging from Tea, Dates, Hot Meals and fruits. “It’s all good to give back to the community that supports you. This is the third year running that we have embarked on this initiative. Hopefully this year, we will serve as many people in many areas as possible” said Mr. Khaly Diouf, volunteer and Sales Manager Comium”.

Mr. Joe King Mendy, Sales Representative said, “As a company, it is important that we take of the community in which we reside in. Here at Comium Gambia, we believe that our foundation is strengthened by the community in which we live in. So therefore, if we take care of our community, they will take care of us”.

Comium is currently involved in other community activities, which will ensures the support we have, therefore allowing us to build stronger relationships with the community.



Media Center - Latest News

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