Customer Care : Comium WOW Experience

Our customers are the focal point of our entire organization; they are our top priority. Our aim is to always bring them a smile in everyday life. We consider our customers as our partners and we strive to satisfy their every request in a timely manner, always according to best practices. To achieve this level of excellence, we rely on our team of highly trained customer care officers, whose motivation and dedication allow us to provide a ‘WoW’ experience to each and every one of our valued customers and partners.

We meet the challenge by anticipating our customers’ needs and bring them creative and instant solutions to remove their worries; making their lives with communications more convenient, enjoyable and pleasant. And always with a smile!

Our "WoW philosophy" is to understand and embrace the customer every step of the way. Developing a multidimensional understanding of customer behavior, expectations, likes, wants through our agents who live and breathe the Comium brand. They are our brand ambassadors to our customers, taking to heart our signature “We’re better together”. This understanding includes cultural, sociological, behavioral and demographic analysis, and culminates in a detailed ability to articulate the needs, wants, desires, expectations, conditions, context and intentions of various customer groups.

Our operational efficiency has a direct impact on our customer's discovery, browse, shop, purchase and post-sale experience. Hence, we have developed various approaches to better serve and reward them, and reward them for choosing us:

  • Specialized queues, matched teams, tailored procedures all culminating in a unique experience!
  • Happy Birthday…Free minutes on our customers’ and their family members’ birthday. And why not free talk time on their honeymoon…
  • In our markets, we pioneered a Concierge Service to optimize our discerning partners’ WoW experience. Valued partners can now call us for directions, hotel bookings, tickets reservations... Out of Credit? Call us for your personal requests… There are no limits to how we at Comium can make your everyday a smile for life experience.

The Fine Art of the WoW Experience

Our officers at the Comium customer care center reach out to individuals and businesses separately to efficiently handle their specific needs and to promptly deliver tailored solutions. This is why we set up focused care solutions teams:

Our Customer care:

Our customer will experience Comium care across all channel means, including the Call Center, IVR, Messaging, Show Rooms, Email and Web. Hence, we handle their requests and resolve every problem. This has now resulted in 98% customer satisfaction.

Our Value care:

Our customers’ requests are customized and are handled based on specific individual needs. As such, 70% of the queries are resolved instantly, 20% within 1 hour and only 10% in 24 hours as those may require more complex problem solving solutions.

Our Business Care:

Our corporate and business customers are provided with solutions that fit their day-to-day business needs. For optimized solutions, our Business Care Centers (BCCs) are designed to answer customers in less than 30 seconds leading to answering over 90% of calls by trained representatives.

Our Partner care:

Our business partners, distributors and franchises are attended by a team of specially trained consultants dedicated to their sector of activities enabling them to better focus on core business.

Our Concierge service:

Those of our customers who either value or need more personalized assistance can enjoy a one-to-one consultant care that will take in charge their specific and individual requirements and needs.  

To ensure that we stay at the cutting edge, we develop systematic customer research initiatives through comprehensive surveys and callbacks to define and to understand our customers’ every issue and concern. We evolve our systems to match and support our WoW experience as such. Through this, we are better-placed to give adequate feedback and superior service. We have over 100 multinational, highly-trained and qualified consultants and agents ensuring a 24/7 customer care service. As a result of providing a WoW experience, we have succeeded in retaining over 80% of our acquired customers, which is far above average in the communities we serve. With our customers, We’re definitely better together!