Products & Services : Friends & Families

COMIUM introduces yet another feature which allows friends and family to stay in touch in a more expedient and cost effective manner.

Friends and Family (Comium Together):

  • Only for Prepaid and Only for On-Net Numbers.
  • My Menu, Friends & Family, Subscribe:
    Add Number: Enter number and send
    Change Number: Enter number and send
    List Numbers
  • Or by Dialing 132 and following the Voice Prompt:
    Press 1 to add a number starting with 6 and end with the # key
    Press 2 to change a number starting with 6 and end with the # key
    Press 3 to list the number you have added Currently
  • Or by dialing the commands:
    To add the Number: *132*1*Friends & Family Mobile Number#
    To change the number: *132*1*Friends & Family Mobile Number#
    Customers can add up to ONLY 1 number for D95 per month
  • Changing the Number is free for 1st time. The 2nd time is D95
  • Tariff: D0 (Free) to the Family & Friends Number during the month
  • To unsubscribe
    Call 111 or come to the POS. An email has to be sent to Technical. Subscription is manual.
    Or if no credit in the account at the end of the month, within 2 days, the service will be automatically deactivated

For more Info call Customer Care toll free number 111.