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Mobile Internet:

It is a mobile communications technology designed for transmission of data rather than voice. It offers "always-on" internet connection and lets you use your phone (or other device) to browse the Web, send and receive multimedia messages and access services specific to your location, and use your phone for it's main conventional use: voice calls. When you set up your Mobile Internet connection, you get almost immediate connection.
There is no need to dial-up or use a modem. Your phone transmits and receives data through "packet-switching": the information is broken up into smaller "packets", each carrying the destination address. Email is delivered in a similar way.
The Mobile Internet Service is the most practical and convenient method for surfing the World Wide Web from anywhere through your handset or PC, wirelessly!

For Prepaid:

  • Subscription: Free
  • Monthly Charges: No Monthly Charges
  • Usage: D0.2 per 10KB / D20 per 1MB. No Monthly Fees

For Postpaid:

  • Subscription: Free
  • Monthly Charges: D100
  • Usage: D0.1 per 10KB / D10 per 1MB

To Configure ; free of charge:

  • My Menu, My Account, Configure Mobile, Modem Settings (for Mobile Internet) or WAP Settings (for WAP).
  • You will receive the WEB settings (for Modem Mobile Internet) or WAP Settings (for WAP) for your mobile
  • Use PIN Code 1234 and save setting upon receipt

For more Info call Customer Care toll free number 111.