Offer Plans : Comium WOW

Because we keep our promises, we are better together and you are a constant winner. Thanks to our WoW offer, you can get discounts up to 99% on our usual tariff. Keep your phone turned on anytime of the day or night and check the discount that is shown on the screen (the network cell close to you automatically sends a message that shows on your screen. This is called Cell Broadcast). The discount changes depending on the location and time of day. And since you may wish to take advantage of your leisure time to keep in touch with your friends and family, we also offer special discounts during the week-ends. The discount changes continuously; so, in order to know the discount of the moment, you must keep your phone on. Discounts range from -5% to -99%. Keep watching your handset to find out what the current discount is.

By checking your cell broadcast, you can decide whether to place the call or to postpone it until further discount is shown.

This service can be made available by simply sending an SMS to a specific number, by calling an IVR and following the instructions or by calling our customer service who will handle it for you.

How to start sharing our WOW experience?

First turn your phone on, then activate your Cell Broadcast on your handset. It depends on the brand of handset, but our call centers or shops can easily walk you through a few easy steps for your specific mobile handset. You set it up once and it’s always on.

And when you want to opt out, just send an sms, call our CC or call the IVR and follow the menu.

This is not a promotion, it’s an ongoing offer.