Offer Plans : Postpaid

Call Waiting (CW)

Notification of an Incoming Call when lines are engaged. You can either answer or ignore the call.

Call Holding (CH)

This Feature allows the holder to put the active call on hold to answer other call or to initiate another call.

CLIP (Caller Line ID Presentation)

This Feature allows display of the calling numbers on the mobile screen. This Service is chargeable.

CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction)

This feature allows you to hide your number when making a call. Your number will not be disclosed on your correspondent phone.

Conference Calling

In Conference call you can have teleconference with more than 6 members simultaneously with COIMUM network service. The Multiparty Conference requires CW/CH feature.

My Phone Number

Finding Your Mobile Number : Dial 102 and follow the voice prompts

Missed Call Notification

You will be alerted for all the missed calls that you have missed when you were out of range or when your phone was switched off. This service is chargeable.

Voice Mail Services

You can automatically divert all incoming calls to your mailbox. Voice mail service acts as your personal answering machine. You do not need to attach any additional equipment to the phone and yet set your personal messages. To access your mailbox and retrieve your messages DIAL 106 and then enter your password. Continue by following the instructions of the voice prompts.
To avail this service you will require a Call Forwarding Feature.

Short Message Service (SMS)

allows you to send National as well as International messages.