Offer Plans : Prepaid


First Steps: Activating Prepaid Service

  • Detach the SIM Card from the Comium Package and insert it in your mobile
  • To activate the card, simply switch on your mobile
  • For security reasons we recommend to set your own four digit PIN number by inputting the four digit PIN code from the PIN/PUK information card enclosed.
  • More details are available in our user manual.

Congrats! Your Comium GSM prepaid service is now active. To know more about our top-up plans dial *111.

Features at a Glance

  • Compatible with all GSM 900 Mobile phones
  • Both Local & International Calls
  • Roaming Services ( Dial *000 to activate your Roaming Service)
  • Easy Billing, Easy Payment Options through our leased E1 Services
  • Reach us anytime anywhere at *111
  • 24/7 Customer Service to cater all your needs.
  • Charge Free Incoming Calls
  • E-Voucher – Want to recharge with a specific amount? Use Comium’s eTopUp facility for a hassle-free prepaid top up! Just walk into a Comium Dealer and recharge instantly and completely secure.

How to Recharge

Recharge cards are available in a range of denominations.

  • Get a Recharge Card from any Comium Service Center
  • Scratch gently for the 13-digit secret code.
  • Enter *100*secret code (13-digit) #OK.
  • Or dial 100 and follow the voice prompts.

You will receive notification through SMS, informing you of your new credit. For more information, please contact Comium Customer Care on 111.

Top Tips while Recharging

  • Upon Recharging avoid areas of weak signal
  • For security reasons it is recommended that you modify the default PIN
  • If a call is in progress while recharging, the credit will only be added to your account after the call has ended.
  • If you enter the 13 digit secret code incorrectly 10 consecutive times, your account will be completely blocked. In that case you have to visit Comium’s Service center to reactivate it.

How to Check your Account

  • Enter #101#, then press OK
  • Or Dial 101 from your mobile and then follow the voice prompts

Notification Alerts

SMS Alerts
  1. Upon making First Call notifying the remaining credit
  2. After Recharging notifying with new credit
  3. When your credit is low notifying to recharge your account
Voice Alerts
  1. Upon making First Call notifying the remaining credit
  2. When your credit is low notifying to recharge your account
Warning Tones Alert
  1. A tone is played to alert when your talk time is almost exhausted.

Reach Comium Free of Charge

  • Customer Care 111
  • Check Account 101
  • Recharge 100
  • Voice Mail 106 or +2206098998


  1. PIN (Personal Identification Number) – PIN is used for the SIM security and the default one is 0000. For security reasons we recommend you to set your own 4 digit PIN.
  2. PUK (Personal Unblocking key) – Entering the PIN codes 3 times incorrectly will block your card. To unblock enter the PUK code. Entering your PUK code 10 times incorrectly will completely block your card.