Offer Plans : Corporate Solutions

Modern communication tools have transformed the world into a global village where everyone can be reachable anywhere, anytime. Comium has been working on many projects to make communication inside companies easier and smoother through a VPN or GPRS service, by offering corporate solutions that fit almost all. No matter what the size of the company is or the kind of services required, Comium offers several options through bundled services packages backed up by a dedicated support and preferential rates and tariffs. Free WLAN setup, access to data content, security applications on access and transmission, unlimited SMS, conference and multiparty calls, uninterrupted calls are some of the benefits and advantages that Comium provides. Think wise, talk right with Comium.

VPN (Group - On-Net)

  • Minimum 10 lines
  • Monthly Fee of 375 Dalasi per line
  • FREE D200 Credit valid for both On-Net & Off-Net
  • UNLIMITED FREE CALLS within the group
  • 3 Digit dialing code