Special Promotions : Chop Your Dollar

Chop Your Dollar Promotion:


  • To Qualify:

    • To qualify for the Raffle Draw: Recharge 50 Dalasi or more, the more you recharge the more the chances of winning.
    • Every 50 Dalasi recharged will count as 1 entry to the raffle, for example a 150 Dalasi recharge is 3 entries to the raffle
    • Any qualified recharge on Monday will qualify the subscriber to enter the Tuesday Raffle Draw.
    • Any qualified recharge on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will qualify the subscriber to enter the Monday Raffle Draw.
  • Notification:

    • When qualified for the raffle, Comium will send 1 SMS to those qualified on the day of the draw: The SMS will read: ” Congratulations! you qualified for Today’s Raffle Draw to WIN 1000$. Watch the draw tonight on GRTS. Winner will be contacted. Good luck” .
    • Winners will be called by Comium representatives.
  • Raffle:

    • A Daily Raffle will take place in Comium HQ, during Weekdays (5 draws per week -> 5 winners per week).
    • The Raffle will be broadcast live on Paradise FM, and Unique FM, and aired daily on GRTS at 7:50 PM.
  • Prizes:

    • A prize of 1000$ or equivalent in Dalasi is given to the winner of the Raffle .
    • Winners will have a 30 days period to present themselves, otherwise the prize will be considered forfeited.