About Comium : About Comium Group

Imagine the difficulties of providing valuable communications to the developing world. Imagine the smiles that are brought to communities when such difficulties are overcome. Comium, in only a few short years, has met these challenges to become the champion of diversified communications services in emerging markets and developed markets alike. Now operating throughout Africa and the Middle East with our partners in the USA, Europe and Brazil, the Comium Group is an enabler of mobile, voice, data and internet services based on a wide variety of technology such as GSM, WiMax, 2G, 2.5G, 3GPP, striving to constantly bring new innovations to a growing customer base of over 3 million.

At Comium, we started our uniquely enriching journey in 1994 from the humble beginnings of LibanCell with a winning recipe of blended efforts, talents, and innovation to become a first choice communications service provider to communities around the globe.

Our constant efforts and continuous endeavors stem from bringing together some of the best expertise from around the world to meet these challenges. So far, we have managed to transform local economies bringing them first class communications solutions and making these accessible. Our expansion strategy means that we are now reaching 70% of the population in most countries where we operate.

At Comium, our skilled professionals are the cornerstone of our organization; together we bring out in them the best in quality, reliability, value and care. Our customers and partners, on the other hand, are the focus of our efforts and we are deeply dedicated to building strong long-lasting relationships with them.

Throughout its history, Comium has been an innovative company that provides superior communications services, making people’s lives more convenient and more comfortable, working hand in hand and together with all of our stakeholders.